Monday, June 20, 2005

Hold On For One More Day

Holy shit, I came back from lunch and the EZ listening station is playing at such an insane level, I am seriously considering pushing a pen into my ear canal way past the point where I start to feel resistance. I'm downright hostile, especially after the "rock block" of Clay Aiken, Boyz II Men, Wilson Phillips, and Elton John (post rehab Elton, when he got all sober and serious) .

I can't wait until my coworker goes to the restroom because I am going to beat the stereo using nothing but framed pictures of his family and other personal effects from his desk.

My God, Steve Winwood. The only Steve Winwood song I like is the one that 2Pac remixed. Pac, I know you're reading this blog and probably maintaining one of your own from an Extended Stay America somewhere in South Dakota... please, for the love of God, come back and maybe inject some flava into Clay Aiken.

Um...I didn't mean that the way it sounded. Clay, if you're reading this, please buckle your pants, that was not an offer for some hot West Coast lovin'.

I actually like Clay Aiken. He and I have the same haircut. And the same bra size.

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