Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Key is Scrubbing Bubbles

Holy shit, I'll take "People Running on Two Hours of Sleep" for $1000, Alex.

The answer is: "This aspiring comedian had a stellar night at Charlie Goodnight's, where the audience was comprised of about thirty 12-17 year olds from the NC State Engineering Camp, providing the perfect audience for both Michael Jackson and Mary Kay LeTourneau. Upon seeing the crowd, the house emcee decided to pass the MC mantle onto her since he wasn't ready to use the phrase 'all-anal Asian teen sluts' in front of middle schoolers. So, she had to scrap her entire set list because she didn't want to talk about adult toys in front of them either. Despite the odds and much like Rudy, she inexplicably had a great set and could have scored a prom date if she'd pressed the issue. Then she decided that it would be a great idea to hang out at the club, both in the bar and in the parking lot, until there were only four people left, one of which may have recently been incarcerated. OK, he was riding through the parking lot on a ten-speed, because she has encountered more sketchy people on bikes than the cast of Easy Rider. Finally, she scored another free White Lion energy beverage from the most wonderful bartender ever which was consumed feverishly somewhere around Burlington, which left her wired until around 3 a.m."

Um...Who is Paula Poundstone?

I can't wait until someone searches for "all anal Asian teen sluts" and ends up here. My sides!

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