Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Yes, this morning has been well worth the Excedrin and Red Bull required to get me through the a.m. hours, the "drive time" I'd call it if I were a morning DJ. I'm not, so I'll just refer to it as "Those Soul Gnawing Hours Before Lunch". Anyway, through the use of five different email addresses (thanks Hotmail!), I am now responsible for 125 votes for Baseball's All-Star game. Each Red Sox player (with the exception of Edgar Renteria, who could be replaced by Stephen Hawking and still have the same stats) received the maximum amount of support I could give before I got a Javascript error.

Anyone watch the NBA draft last night? Anyone? Bueller? Wake Forest's own Chris Paul was drafted 4th, following the Sportscenter "All Access" segment about him in which he showcased his brand new BMW 755i that has "CP3" embroidered on the seats. At this point, I think "CP" now stands for "Crotch Punch". Actually, things have worked out pretty well for him. He's gotten some endorsement dollars from Almond Joy. You know, because sometimes you feel like a nut. I think I would have shat if any of the talking heads had used the term "ball-handling skills" during the CPunch3 segments.

I took Shavlik Randolph first in my mock-draft.

Just kidding. Seriously, I think GM's would've fielded a team of thalidomide kids with flippers for hands before selecting that guy.

OK, back to work and by "work" I mean putting together my set for tonight. $2 at Goodnight's! Oh yeah, I'll probably walk past Poison Ivy's desk and start scratching my arms. It drives him insane.

I also keep playing the song "Poison Ivy" by the Coasters (aw yeah, I clean up during Trivial Pursuit: The Baby Boomer Edition. That's what happens when you date men who were born 5 U.S. Presidents before you) I heart my iPod.

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