Monday, June 20, 2005

W-M-A-G Queer

Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" just came on the radio, which is totally creepy to hear when you're alone in the office. Especially if you're naked. I'm just saying...

I had a great weekend, which I know both of you readers (you're included, 2Pac) were concerned about. I got to do a guest set for Tammy Pescatelli, who was incredibly funny and very cool. Did the set for the 2nd show Saturday and she invited me back for Sunday. The crowds were awesome (read: they laughed at me). They even liked me after my diabetic/amputation joke, which is always the litmus test. I'm still the least edgy comic ever. Other guys are talking about weed, blow, smack...I'm backstage like, "Hey, anybody know where I can score some Allegra? I've got some wicked hay fever."

Tammy and her feature act, Sean Gnandt--also hilarious--were both very encouraging and supportive, which is cool. Not that I'd expect people to be like, "Um, you know, maybe you should just take that cashier position at Wet Seal and hope you'll make manager one day" but it's great to hear that they think I have potential. It's also nice to hear that word without the term "wasted" in front of it.

Not to dwell on it, but last night may have been my best set of all time. And I got free espresso and a generic Red Bull (I think it's called White Lion...not just a hair band anymore. Slogan: "When the Children Cry, we give them some of this shit." Either that or "Wait...there's two servings in this bottle". White Lion fans are roaring at that. Ha! I kill me!)

Other things discussed backstage were migraines, hummus, and the ability of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to make people ignore their sexual orientation because they're so damn beautiful. Although I do occasionally hear Angelina complain that photographers don't leave her son alone...maybe if she stopped shaving his hair into a mohawk, he wouldn't be so easily spotted. Again, I'm just saying.

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