Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's Raining Mensa

Parade magazine did a feature on blogging last Sunday. Granted, I'm getting sloppy seconds at the blog afterparty, but at least I was out the door before Parade walked in. It's a pretty safe bet that by the time any trend is featured opposite Marilyn Vos Savant's column it's already jumped the shark (a phrase that, ironically, has jumped the shark as well). By the time a phrase either enters the Baby Boomer's lexicon or is written about on the same page as a Marmaduke cartoon, it's about as cutting edge as a teething ring. I have also solemnly pledged that the day my mother refers to a weekend spent "getting her eagle on", I will inhale an entire can of oven cleaner. On an unrelated note, have you ever been curious enough about a word puzzle that you would write a syndicated columnist about it? Where do these people find this shit?

Dear Marilyn,
What do these words have in common?
donkey, shuttlecock, hornet, radiator, windshield
R.A. Morgan, Seattle, WA.

Dear R.A.,
Who cares? You will always be a virgin.
A brainteaser for the readers-
What has faith in a path though there is no faith at all?
Answer at the bottom of the page.

(Why are you looking down here? If you're really reading this tiny print, generally written upside down, why don't you take a swig of Crown Royal and fire a flare gun at your crotch so you can't pass your wuss-infested chromosomes on to another generation.)

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