Wednesday, July 06, 2005

You Can't Spell "Technology" Without "c-h-o-t-o-l"

I really wish Blogger would let me post some photos, so you too could see the amazing resemblance between Sandra Day O'Connor and Benjamin Franklin. It's uncanny really. So is the similarity between Ruth Bader Ginsberg and, well, you'll just have to wait for that one, dear Reader. And no, it's not Yoda's scrotum. We all know that looks just like Judge Judy. Or my 9th grade Spanish teacher.

Note to self: R.Kelly may be substituted for Michael Jackson in the punchlines of several jokes to keep up the "variety".

Back at Goodnight's tonight. Here's hoping the crowd is a group of 40 year old heathens in contrast to the past 2 weeks which have included visits from the Catholic Diocese and high school summer campers.

Confidential to Tom Cruise: Say what you like about the use of anti-depressants. Nowhere in the PDR does it reference an INTERGALACTIC WALRUS, unlike, say in "Dianetics". I'm sorry you don't see the benefit of Ritalin or Prozac, but will put your faith in AN INTERGALACTIC WALRUS. Now a SEAL or a NARWHAL would be ridiculous, see, but a WALRUS is plausible as a prophet...

To revisit the topic of American flag boxer shorts...does anyone see the irony that the men who are most likely to cover their asses in such a garment (think Toby Keith) are the same men who would kick the asses of anyone who "disrespect" the flag. Brilliant. Praise the Lord and pass the Freedom Fries.

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