Sunday, November 06, 2005

The ACC, pronounced "Ack"

After watching Miami humiliate Virginia Tech, there's not much for Hokie fans to be optimistic about...except the fact that felon quarterback Marcus Vick probably won't get into any more trouble with underage girls. After seeing last night's game, I'm pretty sure he'd fumble his own penis.

And my beloved Demon Deacons lost again at Georgia Tech. Despite having a losing record, they still claim that they'll be in a bowl. Um, I'm pretty sure the only bowl they're eligible for is the one that they smoked before making statements like that one.

On a completely unrelated note, when you're shopping at an organic grocery store and they ask you "paper or plastic", I'm pretty sure that's a trick question, right? Could someone help me out on this? I want to say "plastic" but I'm terrified that I'll immediately be whisked to the back room and be beaten severely with a loaf of Tofurkey and forced to try Quorn, which sounds like a condition afflicting a man's daddy parts. "Not tonight honey, I just put some cream on my Quorn. It was itchy."

I dare you to see that shit at the grocery store and not think of that.