Monday, September 18, 2006

_L_SK_ or I'd like to buy an "A" please.

So I'm currently in Alaska, four days into a 3 week comedy tour of military bases in Alaska, Guam, and the Marshall Islands. The last two I had to look up on a map. Neither are off the coast of Idaho like I thought. On top of that, Idaho's not beside an ocean. Go figure. That's the last time I learn geography from a jigsaw puzzle because apparently I didn't put that shit together just right.

Anyway, we were in Anchorage for a few days to perform at Fort Richardson and Elmendorf AFB and are now in Fairbanks. Tonight we played Fort Wainwright and I have to say that I went bananas on a Gwen Stefani scale when I saw that my name was scrolling on the marquee outside the club. And it was even spelled correctly. The show was great, talking to the soldiers is amazing, and I continued my four-day streak of eating chickenfingers for dinner. No, I'm not even going to consider how the hell they get chickens to Alaska. In fact, 'chickenfingers' is an Inuit word meaning 'the only part of the moose we don't eat'.

They'll eat anything up here. A woman the other night tried to convince us that the best meat ever was porcupine, followed by moose, caribou, reindeer, bear, bat, duck, Power Ranger, Shirt Tales, raccoon, manimal, snakes on a plane, Furby, and filet of Alf. I did give in yesterday and ate a reindeer sausage. Reindeer tastes a lot like chicken, if chickens were made of reindeer meat.

OK, it's bedtime for me. More updates and perhaps some pictures tomorrow. And, seriously, God bless our soldiers. I know that's not particularly snarky, sarcastic, or funny, but it should be said. They're doing a great thing and the men and women currently in uniform and those who came before them are the reason that I can maintain this blog, speak my mind, and pursue a career in which I talk about my crotch in front of strangers.

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