Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm Going to Start Parking On His Porch

I need a small favor.
My neighbor, Mr. Diagonal, is in my space again.
Not all of his car. Just enough that I can only get out of my own car by removing several important bones. This blows. Either I'm covering the damn thing with bumper stickers (or hood stickers or side mirror stickers or fixing his broken taillight stickers) or bashing it repeatedly with my tiny fists.
This seems more effective and pleasantly destructive in a Fight Club kind of way.
The first rule of My Shitty Neighbor is that we do not talk about My Shitty Neighbor.
If everyone could please print this out and paste it on his car, that would be swell.
Fun with Bumper Stickers
Kisses and thank you for your help,
P.S. His is the black Volkswagen, the one still wet with my tears. I'll be inside playing Nintendo and creating a prosthetic femur out of papier mache and Laffy Taffy.

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