Monday, October 09, 2006

This Kicks Sudoku's Ass

I had to go back to my real job today which means I had to make my own fun and/or draw pictures of sea monsters for eight hours. Actually, if that were a Venn diagram, you'd find "More than half of my workday" in the overlap between those two items.

So I created a game for you, my loyal readers and new tipster Jenn to play at home. It's called "Ski Resort, Gum Flavor, or Names Mel Gibson Called a Female Police Officer?" And it's so easy! Look at the list below and select which items fit into which category. Answers below. Yes, I'm insanely proud of myself for this...

Powder Ridge
Frost Fire
Polar Ice
Arctic Chill
Antelope Butte
Big League Chew
Avalanche Mint

Pencils down. The answers are:

Ski Areas- Alpenglow, Snowcrest, Powder Ridge
Gum Flavors- Spearmint, Winterfresh, Winterfrost, Polar Ice, Arctic Chill, Avalanche Mint, Winterblue
Mel Gibson Insults- Sugartits
Ski Areas That Mel Gibson Could Use As Insults in Future Drunken Rants- Sugarbush, Titcomb
Ski Areas Listed Just Because They Made Me Snicker- Titcomb, Antelope Butte (yes, in my head I pronounce it 'butt'. Because I am 12 years old.)
Ski Area That is A Potential Term of Endearment for My Next Boyfriend- Butternut(s)
Question That Was Added For Those of Us Who Perhaps Have Suffered From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Because If They Missed This One, They Shouldn't Be Allowed to Do Anything Unattended Including Purchasing Potting Soil or Accessing the Internet From Their Assisted Living Facilities- Big League Chew
Ski Area That Dentyne Would Like to Purchase Because They Would Love to Combine The Flavors Of Hot and Cold Into A Chewable Square- Frost Fire
Ski Area That is Also a Gum Flavor- Wintergreen. I so hope for a bloody battle between the state of Virginia and the makers of Trident. Who would obviously use Tridents as their weapons. And Virginia would

Oddly enough, Trident is listed as a gourmet food on Amazon. But a cursory look at their gourmet food best-sellers makes me think that they're pretty liberal with the definition.

I hope they open a restaurant, because I'd love to have their feature entree, Boeuf Bourguignon with a Confit of Gushers and Garnished with Funyuns. Ignoring the fact that 'Boeuf' looks like a sound effect--an onomatopoeia if you will--for vomiting that you'd see in a foreign comic strip. And Bourguignon just sounds pretentious. If Butternuts ever used that word, our relationship would be over with the quickness.

UPDATE: According to commenter, um, Anonymous, 'boeuf' is also the sound one's head makes when it is struck by a French-English dictionary. No word on whether the person had to boeuf after the trauma.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of these comics.

Where's my mom? said...

Titcomb is the name of New York City Opera's Orchestra Manager...he also plays the trombone

J-Money said...

Do you frequently ski on him? I think Titcomb is in Maine, giving the state something to put on their visitors' guides, other than just having to point out that yes, Maine is the setting of every single Stephen King novel but, no, their daughter/car/washing machine/priest/wind up monkey toy is most likely not possessed and to enjoy their stay.

An A-List Celebrity said...

When reviewing a gourmet restaurant, it never fails to lose stars if cinnamon flavored toothpicks have not been included in some way.