Saturday, November 04, 2006

All You Need to Know About Today

1) I had an allergic reaction to the eye mask that the hotel provided for me. Apparently, they scented it with lavender and pollen.
2) Because my eyes were the size of the 'insert coin' slot on a vending machine, I washed my hair with lotion.
3) While trying to check out a guy's calves, I fell down the stairs in the hotel lobby. So much for subtlety, but I got a good look as I rolled past them.
Confidential to the Guy in the Baylor T-Shirt Who May Have Felt Someone's Sleeve Brush His Thigh As He Clung to the Railing in Horror or Perhaps Lust: Did you play soccer? Because you have very nice legs. And if you'd ever like to maybe get a Frappuccino and watch me pick at my face rash just email me.
4) I saw the beginning of "Kindergarten Cop".

Great success. Show at 8. I hope people will still laugh,so I don't sob myself to sleep on this lovely cat dander pillowcase.

P.S. This is my 100th post. The first Benadryl's on me.

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