Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Of Course I Tried All The Dirty Words First

Thanks to Debbye I was directed to The Surrealist's Movie Quote Generator. Basically, you put in a word or phrase and it spits out a famous line with your word or phrase in it. Here are several of my favorites:

I hate that I didn't save "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his dick."

I'll be at Goodnight's tonight. It's just $2 to hear me talk about things that annoy me and people I hate. It'll be just like reading this blog except I'll be standing in front of a fake brick wall and you'll be paying for undercooked fajitas. But, hey, if you spill something at least it won't ruin your keyboard.

Act extra creepy and I promise to mention you in tomorrow's post. Or at least put your name in a movie quote.


August said...

wish i lived near Goodnight's just so i can come & act creepy, lol! really would love to see you do stand up, i'm sure you just slay em!
oh & you did save an angel gets his dick cause it's now on your blog.

August said...

p.s. have you seen the prison bitch name generator? here's the addy:
my name is Glory Hole in prison bitch speak. funny site w/some other odd links to weird sites.