Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Quick Note to My Employer

Two things:

1) 8:48 is the new 8:00. Seriously. Ask InStyle.

2) If anyone from the China office mentions our 'Erection Day' again, I am going to snicker audibly, even when you are trying to subtly stop me by kicking my shin, stabbing me in the eye with the tiny rake from your desktop Zen garden, or by having the security guard escort me to my cubicle to watch me pack my things. You call it 'termination', I call it 'termina-fun'! Speaking of erections, a man I met at the hotel bar in Greenville spent a good twenty minutes talking about his cocker spaniel farm. Every time he said 'cocker', I said "BUT I BARELY KNOW HER! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" and then spun around on my barstool. Oddly enough, this did not deter him from attending the show although it did deter several other patrons from staying to finish their drinks.

OK, time for my break. See you on Thursday.



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