Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Reason Why Al Gore Invented the Internet

Before you watch this, please consider the following questions for discussion.

1) Where did they film this? It looks like a parking garage.
2) Why is the conference table so close to a janitor's bucket?
3) Could this just have easily have starred Tommy Lee? In either role?
4) Why is this more entertaining than My Boys?
5) What's with the pile of appliances at the 00:45 mark?
6) How many games of SkeeBall were played to win that Pikachu?
7) Is the water bottle on the table to quench the dog's thirst or for scale, like when they put a penny beside the 'invisible' hearing aid in some of those ads?

My parents have a Boston Terrier, but she's not as hormonal. They dress her up every year as the Christmas Devil. She couldn't be more loveable.

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