Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Lindsay Lohan Joke Goes Here.

Here is a link to an eBay auction for a t-shirt from a Cocaine Anonymous convention in Sacramento.

If you're at saidconvention, wearing said garment, doesn't that negate the whole 'anonymous' thing? And if you plan to visit Sacramento, doesn't that negate the whole "No, I'm not on coke. Not me. No way, I even have a keychain" thing? Seriously. I've been there and almost developed a drug habit just to make it through three days.

It's probably a real faux-pas if you're the guy who says "This convention blows". Actually, it's a faux-pas if you ever use the word faux-pas. Especially if you're doing a line at the time, wipe your nose with your t-shirt and loudly ask, "OK, who wants to watch Vanilla Sky? "

They missed a real marketing opportunity when they didn't call it California Cocaine Anonymous, or Ca-Ca for short.
Somebody would've thought of that if they'd been high.

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