Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nothing Rhymes With Orange Bowl

So I'm going to be at the Orange Bowl next week and, of course, I'll be one of the obnoxious fans waving gigantic signs and blocking everyone's view of the field. Old people, this is your cue to start writing those angry editorials now. Because everyone knows that only the elderly 1) hate when fans cheer at sporting events and 2) read newspapers.

I started this sketch of the Wake Forest Demon Deacon (how badass is that? YES! Violent clergymen!) choking the Louisville Cardinal (if that's not a euphemism, it should be...)

But I think I may go with the charming, classy "You Can't Spell Louisville Without L-O-S-E". Either way it'll be gigantic and by the end of the game will have either been confiscated or vomited on.



August said...

That looks far more like a chicken than a cardinal! Oh & a rapper might rhyme orange bowl w/skanky ho. I think I heard Nelly do that on one of his songs once or maybe Ludacris, I don't recall exactly.

Nice light display below too, so festive! Nothing sez Christmas like two reindeer copulating. I have Christmas cards I bought one year w/Santa driving his sleigh in the sky & two reindeer going at it. The one on top sez 'Welcome to the Mile High Club'.

J-Money said...

Yeah, it's very chicken-y. Especially given the choking context. I think its tongue looks like a wattle. Oh well, I have until the 2nd to perfect my cardinal drawings. That's what work is for.