Monday, December 18, 2006

One More Saturday Night. Or Any Other Dead Song That Fits.

OK. I've almost recovered from the Warren Haynes Xmas Jam. Saturday most likely took 9 or 10 years off my life. I just hope they're the shitty ones at the end where I shuffle around in pajama pants, watch the Sleuth network, and can no longer eat solid food.

Actually that sounds a lot like yesterday.

I can NOT get enough "Murder, She Wrote". Because I love both Angela Lansbury and television shows with punctuation marks in the titles.

I'm still not thinking clearly and I blame that completely on what I bought in the parking lot. You know, a chicken burrito that was cooked in the back of a RAV-4 and sold to me by a guy named Unicorn.

The show was amazing and lasted about eight hours. No shit. A work day's worth of music. Or, in my case, 6 or 7 work days. The lineup included John Popper, aka the Gastric Bypass Candidate from Blues Traveler(who apparently didn't hear my requests for "Runaround or that other song you did, you know, the one with the harmonica? The one from Remember the 90s? Please?"), Marty Stuart, Taj Mahal, Branford Marsalis (best known as "The CD that played when my Wisdom Teeth Were Removed". Thanks for the dry sockets, asshole.), Dave Matthews, Warren Haynes/Gov't Mule and...wait for it...Taylor Hicks.

He smartly stuck to playing the harmonica because I'm pretty sure the crowd was not his target audience. Although, it was reaching the four hour mark by the time he got onstage and the audience was reaching the "we can see sounds and taste colors " mark so I think they could have thrown a stray dog onto the stage, called it Taylor Hicks, and no one would've known the difference. It was during his set that the guy beside me launched into a lengthy discussion of how bummed he was that a bear ate most of his homegrown this year. I also think the same bear must have eaten his toothbrush and perhaps some of his cognitive functions.

Don't get me wrong, I dig the atmosphere, but my knowledge of drug culture is limited. I thought THC was that group that sang "Waterfalls".

And yes, I'm saying that for your benefit, mother. Since you're here, enjoy this picture of Taylor Hicks and never read this page again.


For the sorority sisters who visit, here's Dave Matthews. I'm pretty sure all of you surrendered your virginity in some guy's top bunk listening to "Crash Into Me". There's nothing wrong with that. Unless it was the dude's ringtone.


Closing time. Hey, isn't that a Blues Traveler song?

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Satchmo said...

No, dude, Closing Time is by Semisonic.

And yes, I'm in ur blogz, reading ur archivz.

And to ressurect an old tradition, here's an your Word Verification Acronym:

uzzatumj: Umpteenth Zebras Zoomed At The Unflappable Master's Jar.