Saturday, January 06, 2007

:33 Seconds Until You See Something More Disturbing Than Her Haircut

I just saw this thing at Whole Foods and it terrified me enough to get my google on. (Yes, that's the lamest phrase I've ever written). It's called the Neti Pot and it allows you to use water and Neti salt (which I think was a major ingredient in the Hellacious Ham) to make your nostrils throw up. I'm so doing this every time I'm someone's houseguest...and not just in the bathroom either. I'll be Neti-ing at dinner, while we're watching ESPN's continuing coverage of professional billiards, or during communion.

Despite what the announcer calmly says, I'm never going to think that anything that makes your sinuses spew like [insert bulimic of your choice] is remotely natural.

The only way this commercial could possibly be improved is if John Mellencamp was singing "This is our country!" as this woman empties her face into the sink. Oh and if Sinbad was in it. I love Sinbad.


where's my mom? said...

ah the neti my business (don't I sound official) this is pretty common. Singers use it all the time to clear all of the stuff up there. My friend, Roland, he' sings on Broadway (maybe you've heard of it?), he uses it all the time, but he said the first time he used it all this black stuff came out of his nose. He said it was disgusting.

August said...

I use a plastic squeeze bottle to squirt salt water in my nose since I constantly deal w/allergy/sinus crap year round. I despise having to do it but it's amazing the difference it makes, even though it's unpleasant & disgusting.

That woman in the video is reaalllly creepy looking. She almost has bug eyes & is suspiciously android looking.