Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Wanna Go Back And Do It All Over (But I Can't Go Back I Know)

So it's Saturday night and a mere fifteen minutes ago I was standing in line (alone) at Whole Foods getting dinner and singing along with the Eddie Money song being piped into the store. As my entree, I selected something from the hot bar called "Hellacious Glazed Ham". After three forkfuls, I'd like to remind you reader(s) that 'hellacious' is 1) in retrospect, not an adjective that I should've chosen to eat and 2) a reasonably accurate description of the taste, which is somewhere between spicy paper, a food category established by my former roommate and the way your skin smells after you've handled pennies.

It's 8:01 and Eddie Money and I have decided to blog our evening.

I'll leave out the hellacious ten minutes I'll spend in the bathroom.

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