Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Don't Worry, Matt...

New posts are coming soon. In fact, I'm posting all over the internets...

I've been writing for the awesome pop-culture repository DeadOn and for Ladies..., a site where women take on, as I said in my post earlier today, both sports and the delicious packages of ManCandy that play them. And yes, I just quoted myself.

Both sites are guaranteed timewasters and, most importantly, not blocked by effing Websense in my office. The IT Demons have gotten out of control. I learned today that they have banned Mapquest, apparently because they don't want us to learn how to get out of that effing place.

Anyway, here are some links if you'd like to read my recap of last week's episode of The OC, my fascination with adulterous golfers, or my mother's take on Desperate Housewives.

Also, I'll be at Goodnight's tonight if you're looking for something to do in the next, oh, 90 minutes.


Confidential to Exit 141-Huffman Mill Road: Screw you, dickface. McDonald's is to the left off the exit, not to the right , you dumb shit. I wasted ten minutes trying to get a Snack Wrap that was seasoned with a hint of honey mustard and a single human hair. Go to hell, Burlington.


Darth Dingleberry said...

*looks around
**yearning for a new update
***ever yearned before?
****I yearn
*****professional yearner since 1999

twoeightnine said...

was this for me? i'm going to pretend it was for me.

Scooter said...

The basketball posts on Ladies are hilarious. Worth going to find you over there.

Anonymous said...

still waiting for updates, damn you!

Matt the Great said...

Well, it's March 22; still a little worried.


Anonymous said... need to make your bed. I RAISED YOU BETTER THAN THIS!

your mom