Friday, February 02, 2007

Junior Healy Has a Posse

I didn't know that there was a way for the upcoming Ghost Rider flick to look more terrible until I saw the latest commercial. From what I've learned, in Ghost Rider Nicolas Cage plays a vigilante comic book character with a hairpiece that looks like a melted crayon and the special ability to make any film unwatchable. Did you see The Wicker Man? Jesus, he's less like an actor and more like a sawhorse with a costume.

Anyway, the trailer I saw during Sportscenter featured the song "Bad to the Bone". Congrats to the producers for turning Ghost Rider into Problem Child. I just hope that at some point, a minor character gets his ass blown off by a firecracker in the toilet and spends the last third of the movie wearing a giant diaper. Oh, and Michael Richards will play a bow-tied serial killer...because what does he have left to lose? I give it another three months before he's even comfortable enough to start separating his laundry into "whites" and "darks" again.

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