Monday, February 05, 2007

Loud Bells, Cheap Wine

Excerpts from tonight's IM chat with my sister, Runtie. These few lines should tell you everything you need to know about today.

Runtie (8:55:06 PM): did you get fired today?
J-Money (8:55:54 PM): Not yet. Dammit.
Runtie (8:56:18 PM):: when you do, you can work at target. since you like red.
Runtie (8:56:19 PM): and you'll get us a discount on leggings and boxed wine
J-Money (8:57:54 PM): THAT IS THE BEST IDEA EVER!!!!
Runtie (8:58:12 PM): i know. and i'll work at harris teeter and get us food for cheap.
J-Money (8:58:57 PM): Mom told me I needed to pray for a new job, btw. I told her that Jesus did not work for
Runtie (8:59:31 PM): hahahahahaha. the lord works for careerbuilder. she told me today that you needed to go to church.
Runtie (8:59:34 PM): i told her that you go to the one above your apartment that rings the f-ing loud bells.
J-Money (9:00:37 PM): Did she really? How did that come up?
Runtie (9:01:02 PM): i don't know...she was just bored at home today, i think. she got tired of putting costumes on her dog
J-Money (9:01:50 PM): That sounds about right. But I don't think writing scripture on my resume makes me look less incompetent.
Runtie (9:02:02): ummm no. not unless it's from song of solomon.
Runtie (9:02:05): the verse about being a precious unopened flower would be nice.
J-Money (9:02:28):That should help. Along with the naked pictures. Tits and Acts.
J-Money (9:02:49): That was hilarious.
Runtie (9:03:11): i am the coolest.
J-Money (9:03:19): I meant me.


The Bird Man said...

This post was better the first time I saw it...When it was called "Tommy Boy!"

J-Money said...

I don't get it. Is it because I look like David Spade?

The Bird Man said...

The comment made more sense, to me anyway, when you had two identicle posts up in a row with different titles. Get it, cause "black sheep" and "tommy boy" were basically the same movie but with different titles, and then on Saturday Night Live Mr. Spade, who you don't look like, said..."this movie was better..."blah blah blah.