Wednesday, April 04, 2007

MSN Can Be So Subtle

So when I logged in to check my Hotmail account this morning, this was the article it placed in my sidebar. First, I don't think I've been on a date since the Fresh Prince still lived in Philly, way back before his life got flipped, turned upside down, about the time it was appropriate to wear fluorescent bike shorts underneath a pair of denim cutoffs. I'm not saying I don't still do that, it's just an awkward feeling when the Target team members are standing in a cluster quietly judging you.

Back to the article. MSN has compiled a handy 5 item list of what men like to hear on the first date. Suggestion #2? “That’s pretty impressive.” Oh, MSN, you whore.

Conversely, they say that a woman should never ask, “So how do you feel about abortion?”.

Um, MSN, look, I appreciate your help but I feel like perhaps you've left a few steps out. Why don't you pick up the trail of clothing you scattered behind you like Gretel without the pinafore or the moral code and get back to me when you can tell me what's appropriate to say in the gap between those two sentences, things like "I never do this on a first date", or "Of course! I wear those shorts under the cutoffs. ", or "Really, what could happen? You're Tom Brady!"


Daddy said...

Somehow stumbled upon your site.

Good stuff, these words.

Nicholas said...

Abortion rocks. Any guy who says otherwise is a Catholic.

Anonymous said...
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J-Money said...

Anonymous 4/18-
I found your comment to be offensive and disrespectful and have deleted it. Additionally, if those are the types of remarks that you find humorous, perhaps your time would be better served reading something're not going to find those sentiments here.