Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sometimes I Miss Corporate America...

This is the actual text of an email one of my former coworkers sent to me. It's both hilarious and disturbing on a number of levels, most notably the one that means "Hey I found this on the highway and thought maybe you'd like to cram it into your body."

This is an odd e-mail but thought some of you might be interested and I just did not want to lay this product on the breakroom table. A lady that works with my sister was driving behind a Proctor and Gamble truck in King recently. Well the truck wrecked and there were products all over the place including boxes of tampons. The driver told anyone who stopped and who was around the wreck to take anything they wanted since they could not take the product in the stores now because they are considered damaged so long story short I have a lot of superplus size tampax tampons to give away if anyone is interested. They were in cardboard boxes and I checked and they are not damaged at all. Let me know if you are interested. I have them in my trunk.


I can't decide if I'm more frightened of Sally or of anyone who 1) uses Superplus size tampons or 2) who gets a box of them out of the trunk of a Corolla.