Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Need This Job.

So WXII, perhaps the greatest channel available on my TimeWarner lineup is holding a contest to find a host for their new show. So since I have plenty of free time, I entered with this submission, a glorious three minutes that showcases my creativity, willingness to set myself up for disappointment, and several of the reasons I will never marry.

I will be returning the hotdogs to Wal-Mart today, as soon as I can cram them back in the package.

Finally, jokes aren't as funny when you explain them (although 3rd grade was made way more interesting when Philip Cox told me what the punchline "Table 13, please stop squirting mayonnaise on the ceiling" meant), but the book When the Ravens Die was written by Cameron Kent, a longtime anchor on WXII. And no, I have no plans on returning it to Borders. Ever.


Scooter said...

When you prevail, will you be rapping your show, or getting impaired and running over pedestrians?

Hot Librarian said...

That was AWESOME.

Also, I'm sorry I forgot your birthday (again).

Troy said...

I haven't watched the video yet because I'm at work, but if they'll let that idiot traffic girl on their air, they have absolutely no reason not to welcome you.

I mean that nicely, not as a suggestion that you are like the idiot traffic girl.

Now it sounds even more like that was what I really thought. This is why I should just read blogs.

Oops Pow Surprise said...

The Dora the Explorer partyware is an inspired choice.

MCBias said...

Good luck.

where's my mom said...

Cameron Kent wrote a book? This is like the fifth time today I've felt like a failure (and it's only 4 minutes after midnight).