Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thanks for Noticing

So I went to the gynecologist today for my annual checkup. Before he Swiffered my mommyparts, he said he'd be giving me a breast exam, which is a line I haven't fallen for since prom. After he finished, he told me that my breasts were unremarkable, which is what I've heard from every man who's seen me naked. Sure, in this context it's good news, but isn't there a more delicate way to put that? And why did he say the same thing about my calves, my teeth, and my personality?

I really hate the awkwardness of those appointments...the way he walks out and coolly tells you that you should get dressed, the fact that there's rarely any snuggling, and that it costs at least $25. And by "appointments", I could very easily mean "my last four dates".

Finally, he didn't find it amusing at all that I referred to the ancient doctors in his practice group as Gynosaurs. That's probably why we didn't spoon.

UPDATE: I'm sure you've all watched my WXII audition video by now. I heard today that I'm one of the finalists. I go into the station in two weeks for an interview, some on-camera work, and perhaps to find out why a station whose call letters mean "12" actually broadcasts on channel 11.


Nate said...

SWEET. I loved the tape. Can't wait to see how it goes.

Anonymous said...