Tuesday, August 07, 2007

There's Also Plenty of Available Parking

Last weekend I visited my sister Runtie who recently moved to a large Southeastern city to work as a pediatric nurse. We were walking to dinner, an expensive sushi restaurant that she could afford because she has a career and I could not because I spend the bulk of my day watching Designing Women and taking kickboxing classes at the Y (although even without the classes, I'm pretty sure I could overpower, disarm, and possibly render Meshach Taylor unconscious).

On our way to the restaurant, we walked past the library and had the following exchange:

Runtie: I think next week, I'm getting a library card.

Me: Good idea. You'll probably save money that way.

Runtie: I know, right! They rent DVDs. And I think CDs too. And they get a lot of magazines.

Me: And books. They have books at the library.

Runtie: Whatever. Think they'll get Disturbia?

This is why I love my sister. And why I'm going back this weekend. That and the fact that she'll buy dinner.

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