Monday, September 17, 2007

Multiple Choice

Please choose the correct answer.

I got this supersexxxy black eye and fly-ass puncture wound by:

A) Freestyle battle rapping
B) Rescuing a labradoodle puppy from a fire
C) Building a playground at the Children's Home
D) Hitting myself in the face with a picture frame


Scooter said...

I want to say c, but I'm guessing d. Not because I think you're a clutz - I wouldn't know - but because my wife's uncle once rammed a screw driver up his nose while removing the hinge bolt on a door, so I figure between the fact that more serious accidents than hitting yourself with a picture frame are possible in the day-to-day world of home maintenance and most accidents happen in the home, d.) seems most likely.

How many pictures did you have to take to get one that captured your cut, black eye and eyes in their best light?

Nate said...

Process of elimination says D as well, considering 1) you hate children AND labradoodles, and 2) everybody knows that in a freestyle rap battle you'd come out smelling like hot-ass roses, without a scratch on you.

Were you there the day I turned an entire cart of risers over on my foot in the Scales parking lot? For some reason this photo reminds me of that day.

J-Money said...

Yes, you guys are both correct and win an autographed copy of this picture, suitable for placing on your desk or in your wallet.

Scooter, I had plenty of time to take pictures since I sure as hell wasn't going out in public looking like a character from a Lifetime movie or a very special episode of Sisters. And it was captured in approximately 12 takes.

Nate, thanks for the votes of confidence re: my rap battle skills, even though I can't at the moment think of a word that rhymes with 'battle'. And no, I missed the riser-on-the-foot day, but hope it wasn't as painful as Target picture frame-to-the-face.