Thursday, October 11, 2007

House: Season 4, Episode 3

You can read another long, rambling, and borderline obsessive recap of the latest episode here.

All in all, it was a decent hour of TV, and perhaps the first in primetime to slyly reference women who place batteries in their poop chutes.

Good times.


avenuez said...

Batteries in their poop chutes? Oh please, please tell me that's not true.


J-Money said...

Oh yes. A D-cell. Obviously not a first timer.

Granted, this comment was only made in passing, but it was something that I couldn't unhear.

Hot Librarian said...

Did you know that I love your recaps? I don't even watch House now, I watch The Biggest Loser instead. Because I love fat people, and I can get the House goodness from you.

Also I tagged you with a silly meme so you can post something here. Just for me.

Anonymous said...

hey now... without a battery to power the poop shoot, how do you expect them to... yanno. poop.

ya don't poop, ya die.


avenuez said...

Whew! is now offering House episodes on demand. I'm catching up.