Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maybe They Would Like To Adopt Me?

Last night during World Series Game 1 (Brief Summary: Red Sox > Rockies) the Fox cameras kept finding this little guy, who was completely oblivious to the onfield action and was instead rocking his Osh Kosh off and trying to hang on to his tiny glove.

Is it wrong that, upon his first aisle-dancing appearance, all I could think was "Wow...who paid four grand for him to sit in a field box?"

I have no maternal instinct.
Speaking of maternal, let's give a warm Blogger welcome to my mother, who has become quite the regular reader over the past two weeks. Let me help you with all of those "J-Money" google searches. I am not a Dirty South rap artist, a personal finance manager, nor this guy who has questionable musical tastes and a crush on Joni Mitchell.

Although for the right amount of money--or perhaps lower level World Series tickets-- I'd probably freestyle a few lyrics. What rhymes with "Pedroia"?


Nate said...

That kid looks like Danny Bonaduce, pre- well, just pre-everything.

Hi mom!

Oops Pow Surprise said...

"destroy ya"?

J-Money said...

Nate, I hope that kid's family doesn't read your comment. There goes my shot at adoption. And good seats.

OPS- Awesome. You are officially my Co-Freestyler.

Satchmo said...

things that can rhyme with Pedroia if you try hard enough

- on fire
- boys choir
- my lawyer

hmm . . . that sounds like an interesting setup. No matter what permutation you put it in.

Mike Gordon said...

You forgot :
-The mall
-my dog
-dog collar
-pesky fish smell
All of these (and more!) can rhyme with anything if you are writerly enough! Also, they are all places and things relating to/ where teens get diseases! Coincidence!