Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting There Is 1/900 the Fun

My sister Runtie and I left this morning for Las Vegas, where she's going to run her first marathon. (I'm doing the half-marathon, but that's not nearly as impressive. It just means I get to eat half as much. And drink half as much. And have half as much intestinal distress.)

We’ll be sitting in the Houston Airport for the next two hours, and our entertainment options appear to be either exchanging all of our money to kronor , getting a Rosetta Stone demo on how we can become fluent in Tagalog in only 30 days (the vest-wearing hourly worker didn’t seem impressed when I expressed genuine surprise upon learning that Tagalog was a language and not just a kind of Girl Scout cookie) or testing the defibrillator on each other.

So far, we're getting along well. Sample dialogue, upon landing in Houston:

Me: Wow, you slept the whole flight!
Runtie: Mfrrraorhf. [unintelligible sounds as she buries her face in her neck pillow]
Me: Want some gum? I bet your mouth smells like a foot.
Runtie: Nice. You look like someone punched you.
Me: Whaaa?
Runtie: Your eyeshadow. It’s smeared around your eye, like a bruise. Thanks for the gum.
Me: See? Now your mouth smells like a foot that walked through a strawberry field.
Runtie: And you look like Robin Givens.

More details later. We have kronor to spend.


Vanilla said...

Best of luck to you and your sister in the marathon and half marathon.

Noel said...

It's small world!! I have been following your blog for the last few months. At the start of the year I ran my first marathon in London and hooked up with another "blog Buddy" - zappoman. He too ran at Las Vegas - take a look

I feel like we are all friends now!

J-Money said...

Thanks, Vanilla! And Noel, that's pretty wild...

As soon as I get home, everyone will hear about the race experience. BUT my sis finished her first marathon and I'm super proud of her. Gushing posts will definitely follow.

audgepodge said...

Haha - I actually own the Rosetta Stone Tagalog s/w! (I'm filipino.) But yeah, I understand the confusion with GS cookies. :) Anyway, just discovered your blog and it's really entertaining!