Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Krispy Kreme Kould've Konfiscated My Kamera

The video is done! I spent a couple of hours with an editor yesterday, partially because I didn't have enough room on my hard drive to import even more footage of me talking to my stuffed dinosaur, and partially because this is for kind of a Big Audition and I didn't think that halfway through the DVD, there should be 45 seconds of static with a voiceover apologizing for my shitty iMovie.

Part of the assignment was to do "Man on the Street" interviews with strangers in my hometown because the casting director apparently doesn't understand Stranger Danger. If any of you ever have to do something like this, I do not suggest 1) stopping a person on their way to work; 2) interrupting their grocery shopping, especially if they catch you staring at the FOUR packages of Monistat in their cart; 3) disrupt their lunch; or 4) hide under their car, Cape Fear-style.

I was asked to leave Krispy Kreme (although they did give me a free cup of coffee), ignored by the performers at Old Salem (the Blacksmith did not think it was funny when I introduced myself as "a woman from the future"), and flat-out rejected by almost 30 people, some of whom got effing hostile about it.

Confidential to the Man From Ohio With a Nintendo DS Clipped On His Belt Who Said I "Should Be Ashamed" To Do This: No, you should be ashamed. You're the one with the Ohio State t-shirt.

But it's done. And hopefully I'll have a couple of clips up soon...

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