Sunday, November 18, 2007

People I Would Like to Meet, Vol. 1

I had to go to Wal-Mart today because, honestly, no other store can match them for low, low prices and mind-blowing depression. I was perusing the toy aisle (of course...because a single 28-year-old woman doesn't look at all creepy when she's having a lively debate with herself as she tries to decide which Ratatouille plush rat is the snuggliest) when I saw this sitting on the shelf:

The most terrifying part of this (other than the glee on the face of the child whose arm has been decorated with what looks like a bottlecap and a burning pumpkin) is that there was only ONE of these left in the store. Better hurry, parents! If you can't snag this last Inked Tattoo Pen, your kids will have to settle for the "Daddy's Li'l Dentist Playset N' Drill Bit" that is, at best, a distant #2 on their Christmas list.

And no, I don't see anything disturbing about this picture at all, other than wondering only one child is wearing a prison-issue jumpsuit. The other one must be on work release.

If anyone has purchased this item, please take a moment away from watchin' your stories or puttin' a litter of kittens in a cardboard box to let me know in the comments. Even you, Britney Spears. Especially you.


Texas Gal said...

I think the kid in the red shirt in the second picture has "The Rachel" haircut.

This would be an awesome housewarming gift. Or baby shower gift.

Hot Librarian said...

Texas Gal is right. I'm returning all the board books I bought to celebrate the various upcoming baby births... Inked Tattoo Pens for all!

CLARE. said...

When I was a little kid, I used to like to take my dad's beer bottle caps, and squish them into my forearms to show off my "katoos."

I was so ahead of my time.

J-Money said...

1) When I was in 10th grade, I desperately wanted "The Rachel" cut. Unfortunately, the staff at Bonnie's Beauty Barn wasn't exactly, um, good, so I got "I Should've Just Used Pinking Shears and Saved $14" instead.

2) The parents-to-be will be insanely grateful,

3) Clare, I did the same thing with the lids to soda bottles, except I tried to convince my teachers that I had ringworm.