Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmaaaaaaagggghh!

I don't exactly understand this holiday oven mitt I saw at Williams-Sonoma. While the product designers were considerate enough not to add a face that you would have to smash down on a hot casserole dish, they either failed to notice--or failed to care--that if you'd like to use Mr. Gingerbread, you have to seriously violate his no-no place.

The bad news is that I burned the cookies. The good news is that his prostate is fine.


tiff said...


Dave O'Gara said...

Kind of a "Silent Hill" christmas.

Reluctant Runner said...

Now I'll have to carefully examine all my oven mitts to ensure I'm not violating them.

You are a funny, funny blogger ... thanks!

Renee L. said...

Gotta tell you J-Money, I was just recently referred to your site and am now reading back through all the archives because I think you're hilarious, but this post... Well let's just say that I was getting some funny looks from my roomie as I flopped around on the couch giggling like a deranged and oxygen starved hyena. Well played.