Monday, December 10, 2007

No No, Don't Thank Me...

Because I know this is the best Christmas gift ever.

Why? Because it involves:
a) Pee Wee Herman
b) Bryan "Don't Call Me Ryan" Adams
c) Reggae
d) Dream sequences
e) A Mr. T doll
f) All of the above


where'smymom said...

That was amazing. Do you know where I could get a Santa hat like that? I've been looking for something 'whimsical' to wear in the 'yes, I'm still single and have no babies, but I enjoy sending out pictures of myself as a holiday card' holiday card. That Santa hat would be perfect. And if Paul Reubens could pose with me, even better.

Vanilla said...

Wow. There goes 4 minutes of my life that I won't ever get back.

J-Money said...

Look at me, succeeding.

Matt the Great said...

...incidentally named one of the 4 worst xmas songs ever by Radar Magazine.