Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday: Anything Can Happen Day

Sometimes when I'm too busy to post--because I'm out building an orphanage or fighting crime or spray painting a stick to look like a light saber--I make little notes about things I plan on writing about and leave them in a neat stack beside the computer. Before I forget what "teeth in my mouth" means, I'm finally going to elaborate on all of these little tidbits...

1) Last night, I was watching my favorite TV show, "Paid Programming", when I saw a commercial encouraging you to give McDonald's gift cards to your friends and neighbors this Christmas. Um. That is not something you casually hand out to the mailman or the school bus driver, as suggested by the ad You only give those cards to someone you hate. A McDonald's gift card basically says "I despise you and would like to hasten your departure from this world. So maybe try the McRib."

2) As I was standing on the sidewalk, fumbling with the keypad and trying to get into my building, a red Corvette pulled to the stoplight behind me. While waiting for the light to change, the driver decided to put the top down, allowing everyone within a four Wal-Mart radius to share in his enjoyment of Van Halen. When he increased the volume even more, I turned around just in time to see him thrust his fist in the air.
Jump! (fist pump!)
Might as well jump! (fist! fist! fist!)
I couldn't--and still can't--decide if this should have made me insanely happy or insanely depressed.

3) Speaking of music, I've gotten kind of obsessed with Sirius channel 11, BBC Radio 1. They play everything from dance mixes to Europop to dance mixes of Europop, so it makes me feel like I'm driving an Express dressing room, but without the pressure to purchase a pair of silver jeans or a furry vest that may or may not be made entirely of Pomeranians.

4) Yesterday I almost washed my face with toothpaste.

5) Things I Have Broken In the Past Week:
---A glass bottle of maple syrup
---A Clinique Stay Matte Powder Compact
---A replacement Clinique Stay Matte Powder Compact

Things I Have Not Broken In the Past Week:
---My femur
---Out of Prison


Frayed Laces said...

Things I have broken in the past week: my pelvis. Haha, I win!

Nate said...

Two months ago I was so out of it one morning that I got into the shower in my underwear. Now, I can remember the names of every teacher I've ever had, and most of my classmates, but I completely forgot to get TOTALLY undressed before getting in the shower.

Stop picturing it.

Vanilla said...

I have all kinds of notes and post-its, and e-mails lying around of things that I'm going to write about too. Sometimes I look at them weeks later and can't figure them out or think they're ridiculous ideas. Then I usually go ahead and write about them anyway.

noelryan said...

Ahh - BBC Radio 1!! Now you are listening to the best of Britich media and broadcasting. Things to listen out for - Chris Moyles every weekday between 6:30am and 10am GMT - verrrry funny.

Also, on Saturdays and Sundays the music played between 9am and 11am GMT is always a blast 'cos it is mostly music from the 80's and early 90's - helps to relive your youth.

Incidentally, the anti-spam word verification character recognition thing that you have to complete to prove you are a real person - it just gave me the letters "rFCKFU"!!