Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dr. Phil Haiku #8

On today's episode...

Elderly woman
Attacks Comcast office, breaks
keyboard, phone, and hip

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aarontodd said...

I do random blog surfing, when I have things that I should be doing... today it was a four page essay for a stupid online geography class... but anyway I stumbled onto your blog and saw naked man... and almost ran away... but then I saw your "Disappointing my parents since 1979" and thought that was the coolest slogan ever... and instantly thought about stealing it and claiming it was an original idea... but that is beside the point... the point is that I think you are really funny/talented... and you should be focusing on creating something greater... not that your dr. phil haikus aren't great, but if you have as much free time as you say, now is the perfect time to work on your life's masterpiece... weather it be a novel, or screenplay or whatever... just a suggestion... you also might want to check out ... I don't actually know the guy, but he is the most genius person I have found, and I think you would enjoy his work... as for me I'm working on a screenplay for a movie I will make in the spring... "Medford Vice" it is about a couple vice cops in our small town in Oregon, we don't actually have a vice squad in real life, but we should cause we do have a huge Methamphetamine problem... which I think is a hilarious situation for a movie... anyway keep on doing what you do... I appreciate it.