Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dr. Phil Haiku #17

On today's episode...

More celebration!
Leno drops by. Not funny
On Phil's show either.

Jordin Sparks singing.
She's beautiful. Her teeth make
Mine look like golf tees.

A great drinking game:
Shots when Phil mentions Oprah.
Dead in ten minutes.

A Ford Escape for
His biggest fan. Incentive
To stick with haiku.


Maxie said...

I'm so going to try that dr. phil drinking game. But i'll probably tape it and watch it later...3 pm is a little too early for me to be all wastey-faced.

J-Money said...

If you're going for Late Night Phil, you can up the ante and slug one if he yells at a guest, every time the camera cuts to his wife Robyn, or if he delivers some folksy maxim like "stop givin' me crawdads and actin' like it's lobster".

tiff said...

Jay Leno tries so hard, and fails even harder.

Birdwatching From Mars said...

Now please do some haikus about those annoying bitches on The View.

Also...I once played a drinking game during the presedintial debates...took a shot whenever Guliani mentioned 9/11. a rough night indeed...

J-Money said...

Elliott...ouuuuch. Like they say, the Rudy Guliani sentence generator is noun + verb + 9/11.

I applaud the fact that you survived.