Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dr. Phil Haiku #20

On Friday's episode:

He says the Lord tells
Him not to work. Who told him
To grow a mullet?

They have seven kids.
Maybe the Lord forgot to
Suggest pulling out.

He made book holders
For Nordic Tracks. His place in
Heaven? Guaranteed.*

*Rarely do I feel the need to elaborate on the haiku but, for serious, this man once ran a business that designed and sold acrylic book holders for the Nordic Track. Read that sentence again. He is currently trying to market a product that blocks your license plate from being seen by red light cameras, because as the Bible says "The Lord helps those who help themselves evade police capture." So sayeth the Book of Jamaicans.


Maxie said...

I love these poems...they seriously crack me up..but there's no way I could watch Dr. Phil every day. I'd rather get a root canal.

J-Money said...

Maxie, that's exactly why I watch him... so you don't have to.

You're welcome. :)