Saturday, March 08, 2008


Blogger has been muy hateful today, postponing today's updates.
In the meantime, my sister Runtie is in town, leading to exchanges like this:
Me: Too bad you gave up chocolate for Jesus.
Runtie: Why?
Me: Because we could've eaten brownie batter for dinner.
Runtie: Oh, that's cool. I quit Lent yesterday.

UPDATE: Runtie will be here until Monday morning. We've read every publication available for purchase in the grocery store checkout line and have consumed enough sugar to give ourselves diabetes.
Also, this:
Me: [reading Glamour survey aloud] What celebrity's style do you want to copy?
Runtie: Ted Kaczynski. Because I like hoodies.


Perfectly Shelly said...

Brownie batter for dinner....hahahahaha...I'm having liquor for's girl's night with dear friends. Woo HOO

Kayleigh said...

hahaha nice work! hope you have fun with your sister!

chia said...

Nutrient rich meal there :-). Have a great weekend!

MizFit said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me that isnt made up.

I mean if it is----you funny lady

if it isnt-----you live funny life and MizFit is, again, jealous.


Eric Shonkwiler said...

You're the funniest thing on the internet. Do they have an award for that yet? Nevermind, I'll make one.

J-Money said...

shelly: Liquor is a much better dinner selection. No chance of salmonella.

kayleigh & chia: Thanks! I took my Flinstones vitamins.

mizfit: Nope, it's all true...

eric: Thank you! Also, I like your hat.

Meghan said...

definately having brownie batter for dinner as part of my next dinner party menu. thanks!

survivingmyself said...

brownie batter grosses me out.

That's all I got.


Mjones said...

That sounds delicious! Although I would make it cake batter and would get salmonella (I have no idea how to spell this word) from the raw egg. And then I would blog about it.

Agitpropist said...

What's even better than Ted's hoodies are his writings. Have you read "Industrial Society and Its Future"? It's beautiful.

MizFit said...

oh Runtie.
I aspire to be as funny as you.

MizFit who wants to be like the melding of Kate Hudson (I have no boobs) and sandra bullock (I need better hair)

Are You Willing to Change? said...

Chocolate...Yummy! I'm trying to not eat any chocolate at all or sweets for that matter, because I'm currently addicted to them. It hasn't gone well.

J-Money said...

meghan: You can class it up by dropping some toothpicks in the bowl. Everything looks nicer served on a toothpick.

surviving: Don't hate. Don't hate till you've tried it.

mjones: I have yet to get salmonella but blogged about it anyway. What does that say about me?

agitpropist Unfortunately, I haven't. Does it have a section that shows why stars are like us? Because those are my fave things to read.

mizfit: Chances are, you're busier than Sandra Bullock right now.

are you willing... I gave up celibacy for Lent. That hasn't gone well either. High five.

Rachelskirts said...

Holy crap. Adopt me into your family right now. Please.

Birdwatching From Mars said...

I'd like to copy the fashion styles of Britney Spears. Going about town in a skirt with no underwear. Let's face it...the nation is tired of seeing her vajayjay. It's time the paparazi was confronted with a set of balls.

(the skirt thing..yeah, probably the gayest thing I've ever said)