Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Yes It's True (Yes It's Truuuuue)

I'm so happy to be stuck with you.
Cause I can see (I can see)
That you're happy to be stuck with meeeee

I just won this t-shirt on eBay and it's absolutely the best $12.49 I've ever spent on a product not marketed using the words "ribbed" or "nonoxynol-9".

My HuLew* lust goes backbackback to second grade:**
"Huey Lewis was my first love. When he was on the cover of People magazine, I threw a tantrum in Elliott's grocery store until my mother would buy a copy which I immediately took home and hung on my wall. It seems like maybe this would have been a warning sign to my parents, when all of my friends liked Kirk Cameron or Corey Haim but I wanted Huey, a 38-year-old married father of two."
Seriously. I couldn't be happier if I'd just placed the winning bid on the Shroud of Turin.

* I think this is also the #8 meal at China Garden. It comes with shrimp and scallions.


Topher said...

Wow, that looks like a wicked cool t-shirt. Are you bringing teal back into the mainstream?

J-Money said...

topher: Yes. Teal makes me feel pretty.

Beth said...

Too funny. I always had a thing for older men, too. When everybody was diggin' Gopher on "The Love Boat," I lusted after Doc. But more than Doc on "The Love Boat," I really had a thing for Mr. Rourke on "Fantasy Island."

Alice said...

Huey L. and the News was my very first concert. But I'll be OK without the shirt - you have it.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Oh man. Now I'll have The Power of Love in my head ALL DAY. Thanks.

No, seriously. I love that song.

Tara said...

This is funny, did you know that Vonda was in LOVE with Huey as well? Did you see them when they were at the state fair. (I hate myself for saying that.)

TNT Jim said...

J-Money you are the Heart of Rock and Roll!

Ok when I was a (ahem) younger man I was totally in love with some of the women in his videos- the girl on the beach in the If This Is It video, and the blonde chip monk looking girl in the Heart of Rock and Roll video- makes my pulse just thinking about it.

Get your self some rubber bracelets to go with that snazzy new t-shirt.


Random Esquire said...

I... I think I might see pit stains on that. You sure it's new? ;)

Nice shirt, lady.


The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Awesome. You are going to pick up some serious dudes in that shirt!

Rachel said...

Awesome!! It's great!

J-Money said...

beth: I'll leave you to your own Tattoo jokes...

alice: My family was supposed to go on Valentine's Day 1986 but we had a freakish snow storm that kept me away. Mother Nature and I have had a contemptuous relationship ever since. Note I didn't call it "stormy" because that would be lame.

nancypearlwannabe: Now thanks to you, it's in my head, replacing "Hip to Be Square".

tara: No, I did not know that because we let Vonda have Keanu. I hope he doesn't know she was two-timing him with the Lew. AND WHEN WERE THEY AT THE STATE FAIR?!? These are things my family would've told me if they really loved me.

tntjim: Slap Bracelets, represent! And I was always jealous of the chick in the "If This Is It" video. Potato, potahto.

random esquire: The seller clearly states there are no holes, stains, or rips. Harrumph.

dutchess: I hope so! Especially considering that my current lust object wasn't even born until Huey's shitty Original Motion Picture Soundtrack years

rachel: Thank you! We'll see if anyone thinks it's great after I've worn it for 8 straight weeks.

Random Esquire said...

Ahh, should be quite a sportin' look, then. :)

Care to give me your expert t-shirt opinion on this bad boy? I'm thinking I'll wear it in Europe.



Julie_Gong said...

I met Huey once in a drunken stupor. He is very small but he put on one hell of a show

STP said...

LOVE! I have that same t-shirt.

Tara said...

I would say circa 1985/86.

I just looked it up, did you know that they still tour? HLATN will be in Leesburg, VA playing at the "Journey for the Cure Foundation" show. Hmmm, I didn't know that Journey was 1) still around. 2) requires a foundation.

RazZDoodle said...

Urban legend has it that Huey Lewis and the word "hung" is used quite a bit in the same paragraph.

Katelin said...

Oh I love that color and that shirt.

surviving myself said...


I love Huey!

"You've been thinking, and I've been drinking, we both know that it's just not right."

Huey was a lyrical genius.

J-Money said...

random esquire: I dig it! Also sweet? The one with the football on it that says "Soccer". That should get you a second glance from some hooligans.

julie gong: WHAT? You MET him? I would probably still be clinging to his back pocket like a wallet chain.

stp: This means we are automatically friends. BEST friends.

tara: I think maybe Journey's Foundation is to help The Cure. Maybe they need a bigger eyeliner budget.

razzdoodle: Your ideas are very interesting to me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

katelin: And I like you so very, very much!

surviving: You are invited to hang out with me and STP when we wear our matching t-shirts.

Julie_Gong said...

i did.

i'm pretty sure he was terribly frightened of me because i kept screaming HUEY LEWIS. And then I demanded a picture.

Nitmos said...

Did you know Huey Lewis is the main collaborator on the soundtrack for the new movie, The Pineapple Express (think same guys who brought you Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin)?

Hold on, Huey will be en vogue again!