Friday, May 23, 2008

You Call Him Doctor Jones!

So the Gym Crush and I just watched all three Indiana Jones flicks* back to back to back, sitting on the sofa long enough to sink between the cushions into the Kingdom of Lost Change and Cheeto Dust. Between the end of the Kate Capshaw-ian disaster of Temple of Doom and the beginning of The Last Crusade, we had the following conversation:

Him: So, um, are you going to talk through this next one too?
Me: No. I swear I'll only give relevant cultural commentary.
The Last Crusade DVD: [plays opening credits]
Me: [snickering]
Him: [question mark]
Me: Her name...[titter] is....[snort] Alison Doody!
Him: [staring at me]
[choking on chunks of laughter]
Him: [staring at the television]
Him: [staring longingly at the front door]


I now have a weekend's worth of tickets for Indiana Jones and the Campbell's Soup for One.

I rule.

*Guess who rocked an Indy J tee during the flickage, proving that I am a True Fan and also that I recently shopped at dELiA's.


Dexter Colt said...

Were these MST3000-like quips? Because those are always welcome during rented movies (even Indiana Jones). I mean, come on...who hasn't already seen these movies multiple times?

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

It is my firm opinion that most movies are not worth watching unless I am permitted to make snarky comments and/or ask stupid questions approximately every thirteen seconds.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

And, yes, I do that while watching movies by myself, too. Don't judge.

Mickey said...

Whatever happened to Allison Doody? Not that there are a whole lot of roles for ice-cold blonde bitches who do a good German accent.

If he made it all the way through to Crusade, he's either polite to a fault or you weren't that bad. Or he prefers Temple of Doom, in which case forget about him.

Princess of the Universe said...

I kind of liked Temple of Doom. Who doesn't like to watch someone get their beating heart pulled out of their chest?

I just saw the new one today- I really liked it!

chasinglibby said...

hahaha i love the moments when you can hardly hold it together laughing over the silliest things.

like the time i pretty well guffawed out loud when someone reading a bio textbook out loud said "blue-footed booby"...
hahahaha. ahaahahaah.

still gets me. everytime.

Christy said...

Okay, seriously...if you were quoting the whole darn movie then I could understand why it might irritate him. Commenting periodically doesn't warrant an arrest for excessive talking. Chill out, Gym Crush, don't act like you don't do it during other movies w/other people.

BTW: I did the same thing...Doody...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Angela said...

You know, I've seen the first two coutless times, but never have watched the third. Sean Connery just irks me.... I hope not having seen it doesn't leave me lost for the fourth one!

J-Money said...

dexter colt: Oh yeah, they were all ridiculous and several thousand of them involved variations of the "I am the Mon-arch of the sea" song from Raiders.

your ill-fitting overcoat: YES. Let me know when you would like to come over and plow through all of the Rambo movies.

mickey: IMDB says that her last, uh, notable performance was in Major League 2. How the mighty fall. Also, "What's your fave Indy movie?" is going to be my new audition question for potential dates because we both know there's only one wrong answer.

princess of the universe: For serious? I'm definitely going to see it this weekend. Quite possibly by myself.

chasing libby: I own a t-shirt that has drawings of two blue footed boobies on the chest, approximately where my own, um, flightless birds go. I think it's hilarious. We should obviously be best friends.

christy: I wasn't quoting things as much as I was trying to fill the awkward date silence. And trying to prevent my dog from filling the awkward date space on the sofa.

angela: Sean Connery knows you have not seen it and would like to have a word with you. I've heard that the new one is kind of a "stand-alone" deal...

Ben said...

Watching movies with the newf means being told what's going to happen seconds before it actually happens. As a result, I'm always going "WHAT?" at the exact moment causing me to miss the scene and have no clue what's going on.

Afterwards, I create my own movie called punch newf in the teeth for his insolence.

Vanilla said...

Oh... you're one of those movie watchers...

ladyH said...

Ha...I still shop at delia*s cuz it's a short girls dream, and in my price range.
If he can't laugh at Doody, maybe your gym crush is a Duddy! I'm so funny.

Also, I'm new. Like reading your blog at work, except people catch me laughing at my desk alone. Maybe that's why I never have a lunch buddy.

Paula said...

ha ha brilliant! that's the kinda crap I'D come out with too! :)

moxie said...

Doody's funny. Story's funnier.

I once brought a guy home on the first date and convinced him that my couch was a pull-out (hold your jokes) and yes we could watch tv in the living room and lay on it. I honestly thought it was a pull-out, but after about five drunk naked minutes of looking for said couch innards, I had to admit was just a couch.

Still with the guy though.

dmbmeg said...

If he doesn't immediately ask for your hand in marriage next time he sees you, then he is clearly gay. I'm not even joking.

J-Money said...

ben: Your newf-related patience astounds me sometimes.

vanilla: If by one of those, you mean someone awesome, I'm really just obnoxious.

lady h: I would be your lunch buddy. We could talk about Delia's and make your coworkers uncomfortable. (Those two things are unrelated).

paula: YES. Also, what happens if I stare directly into your avatar?

moxie: That story--and by extension, that guy--both deserve to be richly rewarded.

dmbmeg: I like you so very very much.

poodlegoose said...

Mmmm. . . monkey brains. And what's wrong with this guy? Doody? Is hilarious.

lady H said...

yea, i know. but i have a busy schedule. cable. sleeping. and such.
i have a hot trivia guy. come. i'll share.

Craig said...

Got lost in his own museum you say?

Amanda said...

I would love to watch movies with you! I think it would be far more enjoyable than watching movies with, oh say, my mom. She is rather hard of hearing and I often miss the most crucial scenes due to her loudly asking "What??? What did that guy just say? Who is that?" Sigh.

Lauren said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who still giggles at random words like that. :)

That Saddity Chic said...

I always talk through movies. I don't know how the fiance stands it. I can't help it though. We went to see Narnia over the weekend and someone "shushed" me. I've been working on being quiet ever since lol.