Monday, June 02, 2008

Programming Note

So I wrote my very first post for TVGasm, a review of Episode 2 of Last Comic Standing. I'll be covering the show all season over there, probably because I have the insight of someone who has worked as a touring comedian and the lingering bitterness of someone who chose to audition for America's Got Talent instead.

At TVG I'll be writing under my other interweb pseudonym, GordonShumway, because they apparently already have a G-Money (!) and didn't respond to my suggestion that we have either a bakeoff or sack race or Mortal Kombat style duel to see who earns the Money surname. You can check the article out here and help validate the obnoxious link-to-word ratio in this post.


Gilahi said...

Great stuff. Don't even watch the show because it sucks so bad, but the review was terrific.

Are you and I the only ones who know who Gordon Shumway is? I suppose it's not something to be really proud of.

Nate said...

All people know who Gordon Shumway is, don't they?

Like, who didn't watch that show?


surviving myself said...

Melmac was much better than here, don't you agree?

yoritomo said...

I did not watch that show and had to google it. This is because i was born in the cenozoic era.

Pretty sure that the review is detailed enough to serve as surrogate for actually watching it, which is good because you're definitely funnier and metacomedy takes more skill anyway, right?

Also, face melting ftw.

Alexa said...

how fun! nice gig!

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I would have thought it'd be physically impossible to write a funny recap of stand-up comics... but you did it!

Also, you're right, comics shouldn't cry.

Phil said...

You could change your name to J-Monet for them, and thus offer up a certain amount of European class and, even though you clearly need no further proof, talent.

Anonymous said...

Chris Fairbanks totally stole the awkward handshake bit from Demetri Martin. Shame Shame.

Luis Ramey is the most recognized comic I've seen of the bunch, and should be a front runner.

And what's with the Brittish chick? One annoying host is enough. To save the show they should have Josh Blue host.

Dexter Colt said...

Your review was funnier than the show. Which is not to say your review wasn't funny...because it was.

You should get paid to write stuff. But, please, don't ask me for a dime.

Butter Chicken said...

I am looking forward to hearing what your Mortal Kombat fatality move would be. Hurling a microphone at their heart? Lecturing at them using recalled Dr. Phil bon mots? Changing shape into a running, fucking dinosaur? Don't leave us hanging here.

bFlat said...

great article!

Vanilla said...

BTW, did you ever hear anything on that AM-GO-TA thing? I seem to remember they were going to call you (don't call them) after 2 or 3 months. Surely it's been 3 months right?

Unless you're still waiting on the call in which case I'm sure they're just behind schedule, they're going to call any day now.

JustinS said...

I settle all my disputes like my ancestors did: with a dance-off. I totally would have kicked Britney and JT's asses.

Katelin said...

oh that's so cool you're writing at tvgasm. i don't even watch the show, but i'll make sure to check it out.

J-Money said...

gilahi: It IS something to be proud of! As is being able to hum the theme song and recite the entire cast, starting with Max Wright.

nate: No kidding. I still have VCR tapes with episodes on it. I know... V-C-what?

surviving: Hells yeah. Cleaner too.

yoritomo: No, cenozoic era FTW.

alexa: Thanks! It should be a good time.

your ill-fitting overcoat: I. LOVE. Natalie Dee. We really need to be best friends.

phil: That's so much better than my idea, J-Funny. HAHAHAHAHAHA it works on so many levels. Sigh.

anonymous: At least they don't have a hateful British judge. That's played & played & played out.

dexter colt: No, but I will use you as a reference. Unlike the other "references" on my resume, you actually exist.

butter chicken: I think it would be a combination of those, but would also somehow involve Teddy Grahams.

bflat: Thanks for reading it!

vanilla: No, while America may got talent, I apparently do not. Sob>.

justins: I would like to see your family crest, please. I SO HOPE it involves the macarena.

katelin: You? Are awesome.

Christy said...

Oh my goodness...who needs to watch the show when we've got you to make it sound so much better (at least funnier) than it probably is?!?!?

Wow...Gordon Shumway...LOL...I'd almost completely forgotten that! Thanks for the memories, J-Money (the rightful, deserving of the name, J-Money)!

& as long as you are here, America's got talent, dear. =)

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

p.s. i had to google 'gordon shumway' to remind myself who that was. omg. also? amazing.

Rachel said...

That's pretty cool...I don't watch the show, but neat.