Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This Space Available

Hello, interwebs! I'm in Arizona visiting The New Boyfriend, spending quality time with his awesome family* and recovering from the Tucson Half Marathon**.

Anyway, I'd written more words about my stay in the Land of Enchantment The Constitution State The Arizona State*** and my new-yet-still-prone-to-sucktastic-freakouts MacBook ate my post. I'll be re-writing it and tossing it online later today. I've missed you all.

* Who quickly forgave me for breaking a towel bar on the first day.
** He ran the full marathon. Showoff.
*** I think the actual motto is Don't Touch That, It's a Scorpion.

12 comments: said...

We misssss yooouuuu!

Laura said...

My boyfriend's family is moving to Scottsdale in January, at which time I am planning a trip to run a marathon there and get Arizona done without having to pay for a hotel. So if I keep copying you, does that mean I'll eventually a) get funny and b) qualify for Boston?

DocElectron said...

You picked a gorgeous week to visit us! Enjoy and remember stand still if you see or hear a rattlesnake - You can't outrun them. And scorpions glow under black lights... we have many in my house.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

My new-ish macbook is also sucktastic and eats my posts on the regular. So I feel your pain. Enjoy the sunny weather!

X-Country2 said...

Welcome back yo!

Uncle Ebenezer said...

Seriously? Scorpions? Like the band?

Mike said...

I thought you were going for 50 hamburger comments.

J and J Acres said...

They must really like you if they forgave you for breaking their towel bar! :)

Marisa said...

Hope you enjoyed your time in AZ. I was at the Tucson Half with participants from the program I run at the Arizona Cancer Center. If you saw any BTE shirts or "Better Than Ever" shirts, that was my group!

Layla said...

Hey, I was there, too! I ran the full and my quads still aren't quite sure what hit them. (I'm a lurker/fan, not a stalker. Crazy person is a possibility, though.)

J-Money said...

ablogofherown: I missss yooouuu too!

laura: I think so, yes. Arizona's Saguaro cactus is so big because it's full of secrets about blogging and running.

doc electron: Rattlesnakes? Thank you for giving me something new to fear.

your ill-fitting overcoat: No kidding. Mine is on a steady diet of post-eating and screen flickering.

x-country2: I'm not back yet, so I expect another welcome on Friday.

uncle ebenezer: No. The band would be WAY more terrifying, if you stepped on something and immediately heard "Rock You Like a Hurricane".

mike: That's my New Year's Resolution for next year.

j & j acres: They must. Because I left a hole in the wall the size of a softball. I don't half-ass my Fail.

marisa: I DID see some Better Than Ever t-shirts...several of them passed me. Actually, a lot of them did. Congrats to you & your team!

layla: Congrats on your marathon! I wish I had some kind of bad ass award I could give you. Because I would.

Sandi said...

You are way behind on LOLHouse and I'm having withdrawal over here.