Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi

Despite having fewer on-field scenes than Air Bud: Golden Receiver, The Blind Side still works for hardcore sports fans; football serves as the motivating factor for almost every decision [Michael] Oher and his adoptive family make. Also, College Gameday junkies will have the chance to lean across the armrest to point out that Tommy Tuberville doesn't coach at Auburn anymore and that yes, Lou Holtz really does talk like that.

Both the book and the movie open with the last snap of former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann's career, which proved to be the sound of his leg splintering beneath Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor. The footage from that game--shown from multiple angles--is still the second-most disturbing clip of 1985, right behind Cocoon's scene of a shirtless Wilford Brimley. A clipped voiceover explains how this play changed football and--here's some foreshadowing for you--put a premium on left tackles, the players who protected the quarterback's blind side.

--From my article about The Blind Side, written today for NBC Sports- Out of Bounds.

Click here for the rest of it, including the unlikely pairing of the words "Sandra Bullock" and "football" in the same sentence, which is kind of like linking "Matthew McConaughey" and "fully-clothed".

Four Fun Facts That Didn't Make the Review:

1) Lawrence Taylor actually makes a brief cameo near the end of the flick, as a bandanna-wearing miscreant in the Hurt Village apartment where Michael waits for his mother.

2) If this movie is to be believed, every high school in Tennessee apparently has a contract with Under Armour.

3) If Sandra Bullock is to be believed, if Michael Oher's speed had ever dropped below 50 MPH, he would've exploded.

4) If the filmmakers are to be believed, there is no better way to establish the Whiteness of a family than by having Uncle Kracker playing softly through the speakers of their SUV as they idle in the parking lot of an upscale restaurant.


Christy said...

This was a great, though short, post -- & worth the wait. Not only did I read the post, but I actually read the article, too. This is not normal for me, as I'm a slow reader & typically anything related to sports bores me quickly -- feel privileged, dangit! I did happen to see the movie, though, & your review full of typical J-Moneyisms were spot on. Keep up the great work, can't wait to read FRIDAY'S post! =)

GeorgiaSnail said...

Lurve the Wilford Brimley reference!

Mike said...

Talked to somebody last night that saw the movie and they said it was just a good ol' feel good movie. They highly recommended it.

I think I'll go see it to hear some bones break.

Stacie said...

I haven't seen this movie yet, but I really can't wait to. I was even tempted to engage in piracy the other day, but Sandra Bullock needs my $10.50.

Joe said...

I have never watched the video of Theisman's leg breaking before today. I'm in a coffee shop and shouted, OH! out loud, and quickly closed the site. I tore my ACL playing football when I was 11, and had bad flashbacks. That was horrifying. And awesome.

Kristel said...

It's been a while since I've read your blog, but I'm so happy to be back here.

Kudos on the article!